Sunday, July 15, 2012

One important task accomplished this week.

A few weeks ago we attended a fireside for adults in Cali presented by our Area Seventy from Venezuela.  He counseled each of the brethern to do something for your wife each week.  He didn't say go on a weekly date but his counsel had the same meaning.  It took me awhile to spot a vase but Saturday we found a store with lots of vases.  They sell flowers on the streets, in the stores and in the markets.  Finding flowers shouldn't be to hard.   In the weeks it took to get a vase I did buy Peanut M&Ms once.
I Love You  works too.

Monday, July 9, 2012


I bought some lulo fruit in the Galeria.  We had to look up on the internet how to prepare them.
They are best in juice or cheese cake.  They are tart like citrus.
You scoop out the pulp and seeds and mix it in the blender with water and sugar. 
I also mixed it with other fruit.
The skin is leathery so you throw it away. 
Lulo juice is lime green.