Saturday, December 29, 2012


We walked up to this park this morning.
It really wasn't far.

This is looking toward downtown.

The Cali River where we usually walk every day.

Belalcazar, the city founder, is pointing to Portada al Mar [Gate to the Sea]

                                                  The city on our way up the hill.

In this direction is a large park.  The road winds up a ravine with green space on either side.  At the top of the hill, the road goes down the other side into more of the city.

The center flag is Colombia; gold, blue and red.  The one on the left is Valle del Cauca; the state.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Institute class member and soon to be missionary Pablo Coronel.  He sent in his papers in June and just got his call.  It is for January. He is going to ask for a delay until March to get ready.   I think the call got lost.
  He is headed Bogota North Mission.

Christmas Lights Cali 2012

 We go by a couple of big decorated trees like this one at the Art Museum.

 Many put lights across their balconies.
 I like the palms but it is hard to see the foliage at the top in the fotos. The two little ones give the idea.

Announcing the birth of our Savor.